Kai li

No, I refuse to be your average fashion blogger. I don’t take stunning #OOTD photos, neither teach you how to style a leopard print skirt.

It all started with my body insecurities, with all the nicknames I received growing up which always had something to do with "chubby", and with all the confidence that was taken away day by day.

Then fashion rescued me.

It was in a Zara white shirt. I saw it in the plus size models. It also appeared in Viktor & Rolf Couture show.

Gradually, I started to understand how to dress the way I like. I realized the value in my body. I began to watch fashion shows and study fashion history.

Because fashion once rescued me, I decided to take it seriously.

Thus, I present you Kinda Kai. It is fashion from my point of view. I write about how I see the style, this industry and all the other trivial yet influential things.

Watch out, I may be the most professional fashion freak you’ve ever seen.

Currently, I am studying as an exchange student in Moscow, Russia. Usually you may catch me studying Russian, but when inspirations knock, I also write articles for CFashionista and The Dorm Closet.