Styling Colors: Red

I have been a huge lover of the color red. Whenever I saw a red top, bag or pair of shoes, I always feel an urge inside to buy them without hesitating. Women in history love wearing red, especially the legendary Harper's Bazaar editor Diana Vreeland. She created her famous "red room", in the name of her love for red. This color symbolizes a state of mind telling the world "I am strong. I am powerful, and I wear red." Love it or not, you cannot deny that red is so influential and an eye-catcher itself. I was fairly excited to talk about this gorgeous color when my older sister asked me styling tips because recently she purchased a pair of red flats. So today, I will guide you through every tip you need to know about styling the one and only-- red. 

我是個對紅色無法抵擋的人,每次看到架上任何紅色單品,內心都有種必須要拿起來試穿一下的衝動。歷史上的女性也深愛紅色,特別是傳奇性的哈潑雜誌編輯Diana Vreeland,她深深對紅色著迷,甚至裝飾了自己家中有名的紅色客廳。彷彿穿上這顏色,就如同告訴全世界:「我堅強,我具影響力,我更穿紅色。」不管你喜不喜歡,不可否認的是紅色強而有力且亮眼。當姊姊問我如何搭配她最近買的紅色平底鞋時,我非常興奮能夠講講這所鍾情的顏色!! 所以今天我會告訴你每個紅色穿搭需要注意的細節!


I normally don't go for bold colors when choosing shoes, because my wardrobe is already filled with bright colors or prints. But if you decided to give it a try, I am so down for it! Here are some tips that you can rock the red shoes without looking too much. 

1. I always make sure to stick to the "3 colors rule". That means you don't want to wear more than 3 totally different colors in an outfit. For example, a plain white shirt with blue jeans and a pair of red heels are all you need. It would be too much for one more shiny color but would be boring to cut one out, too. 

2. When putting on red/ hot pink shoes, you are already wearing a statement piece. So just keep it simple on top. Any dark colors like black or navy will complement the pop of red at the bottom. 

我通常不會在鞋子的部分選擇大膽的顏色,因為我的衣櫃充滿了亮色系或是圖案的衣服。但如果你決定試試看搶眼的紅色鞋履,來吧! 有兩個訣竅能夠讓穿紅鞋的你看起來不會太過招搖。

1. 我永遠都會確定自己遵守「3色原則」(對我剛剛自己取的),意思是我不會在衣著裡穿上超過3種完全不一樣的顏色。舉例來說,全白的襯衫還有藍色牛仔褲,再搭上一雙紅色高跟鞋,這樣就足夠了。如果再多一種顏色,便會太複雜,少了一種顏色,又會顯得太無聊。

2. 當穿上紅色/桃紅色鞋履,它在整個穿搭裡已經扮演了最吸睛的單品了,所以不管是上衣或是下著都可以保持簡單乾淨。任何暗色,譬如黑或是深藍,都可以幫助襯托紅色的亮麗。

Remember the 2 tips I mentioned above! A, 3 colors in maximum. B, wear plain and similar colors, and let the red pops up! 

記住兩個我上面提及的要點! 第一個即是穿搭包含最多3種不一樣的色系,超過便顯得太過於花俏。二、簡單或是相近的顏色都能夠凸顯亮麗的紅色! (當然,記得不要穿亮綠、亮黃色,否則看起來也很滑稽。)


Compared to red shoes, accessories are definitely easier for girls to style. If you are that kind of girl looking for playfulness in every outfit, Balenciaga FW 16 collection is made for you. It's all about "Go all red, or go home". Using different shades of red and textures, Balenciaga created an entirely red outfit with retro leather touches. While in its FW 17, it perfectly demonstrates the example of giving red the spotlight by dressing in silver gray. Thus for all the girls who want to stay clean, but chic, dress in plain colors as the red catches everyone's eyes!

相比紅色鞋履,搭配紅色系的飾品還比較容易上手。如果你屬於那種永遠在服飾裡追求俏皮、創意感的女孩,Balenciaga 2016秋冬系列絕對是為你打造的。這系列想要告訴你的是:「要不全紅,要不回家換掉。」設計師Demna Gvasalia利用不同色階還有材質創造出復古感十足的全紅衣裝。然而在Balenciaga 2017秋冬卻透過整身銀灰搭配上紅色手拿包,完全示範了如何讓穿著焦點放在紅色上。所以如果你偏好乾淨卻亮眼的風格,可以穿上素色的衣服像是白、灰或是黑,讓身上的紅色單品成為他人目光停留之處!

How Bloggers Wear Red

Bloggers (like me ha ha) are always here to show you how to put crazy fashion items into daily casual looks. You can see "3 colors rule" on Brittany of Thrifts and Threads. With the black top and casual jeans, she then paired with Gucci red bag to bring out the entire outfit. I love how Jacquie from Because I Needed It styles the red boots and bag with all white outfit! Stephanie of Unconscious Style and Beige Renegade's Jiawa keep it simple with similar colors, and then adding a pop of red at the bottom. Don't they just look effortlessly yet so on point?? 

可以常常參考部落客(沒錯,就是我) 如何把看似難駕馭的時髦單品融入每日穿搭。從Thrifts and Threads 的Brittany身上可以看到上面提到的「3色原則」,黑色上衣搭配休閒牛仔褲,最後再加上Gucci的紅色肩背包點亮整個LOOK。我也很喜歡Because I Needed It 的Jacquie把紅靴以及包包搭上全白上衣和褲子! 而 Stephanie (Unconscious Style)還有Jiawa (Beige Renegade) 透過相近的顏色來襯托腳上踩的紅鞋。

My Kind Of Red


I have owned this red culotte for quite a few months now. Last summer I was really obsessed over the color red. So when I saw these bright red bad boys, there was no reason not to try them on. As I mentioned above, applying the "3 colors rule" to the look: white, red and black. Last but not least, red lips are never too much for a classic vibe. 


Wow, I think that's really a long post haha. I hope you know better how to wear this perfect and powerful color now. Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to check out my post on The Haute Brunette! See you in the next post ;)

哇,這篇有點多話呀哈哈! 希望讀完之後你能夠對於衣櫥裡被打入冷宮的紅色單品有新的想法。謝謝你耐心讀完! 別忘了去看看我在 The Haute Brunette裡所寫的有關標語T恤的文章歐! 下篇見 ;)

xx, Kai