Monthly Favorites & Inspirations: April

I felt so bad for disappearing nearly 2 weeks! The midterms were overwhelming and I just wanted to be well-prepared and write some quality posts later. But I'm back to chat about some favorites and inspirations in April today! Scroll on! 

Blogger Besties

Kurt from Blogger's Boyfriend and Jiawa from Beige Renegade are our #bestiegoal. Both based in Perth, Australia, they share blogging life in their studio together. Jiawa just came back from her 3 months stay in Paris and the reunion on their Instagram stories have been incredibly funny. Of course, Kurt's figure and fashion taste are the ultimate goals for every man. And Jiawa got the fashion style that combines urban vibe and minimal, making each outfit so unique and never boring. Check out their Instagram accounts and blogs! 

Stripes, Wide-legged and Navy

You already know that I cannot resist anything red, but I am also a sucker for stripes, too. I was seeking breezy culottes to rock this summer, then I came across these in Zara. I have no reason not to own them. And I know I will wear them to hell this season so don't you judge haha! 

Looking Polished

I thought my nails would still look nice and polished without applying top coat, but I was wrong! Nails without top coat are like wearing whole face makeup without fake lashes-- no one will notice them missing, but you'd look 100% prettier with them. If you don't want to spend an amount of money every month for a manicure (like me), you definitely need an awesome top coat. Last week, I decided to go for this one from Sally Hansen. It gives my nails the right amount of protection and shines. I am very impressed! If you're thinking of buying any nail polishes, Sally Hansen will be the one for you (not to mention it has so many more inexpensive nail care products!)

The Legendary Erin

I cannot say no to Erin O'Connor, especially this month Harper's Bazaar Taiwan got to interview her, in person!! The very first time I came across this legendary supermodel was in a modeling show called "The Face UK" (it was like the UK version of Top Model Runway). She won me over at the very first sight, with her elegance and confidence. 39 and mom of a cute boy, Erin is an experienced top model and doesn't afraid to showcase her beautiful body in front of the camera. Her elegance and the peaceful vibe in her works make me love her even more every time. 

Alex Chung & Men Repeller

I watched Alexa Chung's show for British Vogue about a year ago. Although these episodes allow me to know more about the fashion industry, they were just normal videos to me at the time. It was not until this month did I watch this episode again, I had more thoughts and felt more related. In this episode, Alexa talked to the founder of Men Repeller, Leandra Medine about her team and the blog. When asked about what she wants to tell people who just started their own blogs, she said "Don't try to be something for everyone. Just be everything for someone." Yes, have your own style and people will appreciate what you do. It's too hard to please everyone. 


It felt so good to be back at blogging! Can't wait to write more ;) Ugh, sometimes I really wish I am a full-time blogger so I could create quality contents all the time! Don't forget to leave some comments and subscribe! Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in the next one.