Outfit Of The Day|#OOTD|Video

This semester I have this class about photography and shooting videos. Although professor doesn't teach many actual technical skills, I found myself loving to take photos and edit videos a lot more (and better haha). When the professor asked us to make a video about ourselves, I thought why not shot an #OOTD video for blog too! I've been thinking about creating different contents for Kinda Kai. So click the play button!

這個學期我選了一堂有關攝影以及影片剪輯的通識課。雖然教授並沒有詳細教我們任何攝影技巧或是認識相機之類的技術性知識,我卻發現自己漸漸喜歡嘗試拍照還有剪接影片(也進步許多哈哈)。因為教授要我們拍一段自我介紹影片當作期中報告,所以何不也順道來拍個日常穿搭影片呢?最近我正好想要用照片以外的方式呈現Kinda Kai,廢話不多說,快點下播放鍵!

I was looking for pants that I could wear this summer, because I usually don't wear shorts (it's that body insecurity. Well, we'll talk about that later). So when I tried on these stripes culottes in Zara, I felt quite relieve that I won't be wearing same pants again and again this season (What's worse? They don't even fit). Because the culottes have deep blue, red and white colors, I thought the "Like, Realizing Stuff" tee would perfectly go with the bottom! As for the sliver leather jacket was my found in Forever 21 last winter, it adds a little extra touch to the entire outfit. Lastly, put on the coolest sunnies and I am ready to rock!

 因為我通常不穿短褲(身體的一些不安全感,嗯這我們以後再說),所以我急著在夏天正式來臨之前找到可以對抗它的褲子。我在Zara看到這件寬褲時候,瞬間輕鬆許多,至少今年夏天我不會再一直穿著同件褲子(更糟的是,他們還不合身)。因為褲子上有著深藍、紅以及白色,我覺得這件紅字上衣可以與寬褲完美結合!而至於銀灰色的仿皮騎士外套來自Forever 21(真是稀奇),它讓整個穿搭更有趣,看起來整體性更強烈。最後再加點銀色太陽眼鏡就完成啦!

I really hope you enjoy watching it! It would means a lot to me if you give it a thumb up and comment ;) Cannot wait for shooting more videos in the future.

希望你會喜歡這部小小的影片,未來期待能夠多多用這種形式呈現!別忘了給影片一個讚還有留言歐 ;) 我們下篇文章見囉。