Monthly Favorites & Inspirations: May

If right now you're in the mood for watching some videos or searching for new TV shows to kill time, this post is just for you. In May, I enjoyed so many inspiring shows and videos that I am very excited to talk about today! Roll down and let's begin. 

13 Reasons Why

The TV show "13 Reasons Why" probably is the most popular show on Netflix since launched. What Hannah Baker, the young girl who killed herself, been through was so real and sad. Each episode is hiding the truths that are shocking, overwhelming, and heartbreaking. The feelings we went through in the teenage years were well described-- loneliness, betrayal, and self-doubt. If you haven't started the first episode, I suggest you stop doing anything right now and watch it.

Thank me later.  


I was a senior in High School when first watched Season 1. I remembered downloading all the episodes to my phone and watched them wherever I went. Obsessed. From the 17/ 18th century culture to the beauty of royals, the histories of Louis XIV always fascinate me. Lead by the gorgeous UK actor George Blagden, the show is not only about the political struggles of the Sun King, but the delicate costumes. Sex, brotherhood and ruling the whole France, Louis XIV shows strength and wisdom in every episode.

You cannot miss Versailles!  

Alexander Mcqueen

This month, I've been putting lots of attentions on the stories behind designers. As a four-times winner of British Designer of the Year, Mcqueen was no doubt extraordinary in his job. He was not afraid to break all the rules and create his own beauty. Although at last, the designer hanged himself in the grief of losing his mother, Mcqueen's works are remembered by the fashion industry. In 2011, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York organized an exhibition "The Savage Beauty" in memory of the legendary Mcqueen. 

Bea Jonite

As a graduated student from Durham Uni, YouTuber Bea Jonite has something to say. The video she filmed for all the graduates is so inspiring. "You will never be as free, as young, as excited and as bubbly as you are right now", she continued, "what matter is that now I have the freedom to finally choose to pursue the career that I love." Even though I am not a graduate, I still truly agree with every word she said. So be fearless. Dream big & be free. 

Everyday Rings

I have spent my whole life trying to find durable and inexpensive accessories. I hate to take off all the rings whenever I need to wash my hands, because cheap rings cannot be washed. Or worrying about my sweat will ruin the necklace. It wasn't until I bought the first 925 silver ring that I knew "Yes, this is it." This is that kind of accessory I've been looking for-- durable and affordable. Nothing could ever destroy them or make them look unpolished. So if you are having the same problem like I did, go for 925 silver accessories. 

Outfit Of The Month

Song Of The Month

Thank you for reading! I hope this post somehow gives you the joy you need today. The final exam is coming and I am working every hard to write new blog posts every week! So stay tuned and don't forget to check out my Instagram and subscribe!! 

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