Styling Colors: Green

If this is not the first time you visit my blog, you know I love to wear colors. (But if this is the first time, hello, I'm Kai. This is my blog.) Blue, yellow and red are the soul of my style, the irreplaceable pieces in my wardrobe. Although I am having fun rocking all these magnificent colors, green has never been the top choice when shopping. 

Compared to other colors, there are much fewer people dressed in green attending the fashion weeks. Although green gives out the energetic and joyful feeling, it is not a secret that sometimes we just don't know how to style it. I really feel for you, girl. I really do. 

But today, let's step out of our comfort zone and talk about how to rock it like a professional. 


Which Color Looks Fabulous With Green? 

Believe or not, the answer to this question is EVERY COLOR. However, the top choice of looking bold, powerful and super stylish is red! These two contrast colors might remind us of the Christmas tree, but together they sure make a great combination. Similar colors to red, for example, purple and orange are also the colors you can go for. 

It's totally okay if you don't own any green clothes, accessorizes are always a good way to get started! A white shirt for summer, pairing it with green necklaces and bag makes sure you stay away from sweating! Green and white are perfect for summer, and for fall/ winter, rock green with black! I love how black gives out this high-class vibe when matching with green. Super classy, super sassy


Another trick to kill this game is monochrome. You might not need to dress in all grass green or lime green for a look, instead, different shades of green together can bring out a totally fresh new effect. It may be a casual army green jacket with a teal tee, or olive green dress paired with mint green shoes. Whichever you want. 

The texture is also a crucial element to pay attention to. How about a faux fur jacket and a nice long slip dress underneath? Or an army green sweater, which is hidden at the bottom of your clothes pile, along with a high quality metallic green skirt you just bought from Saint Laurent yesterday? There are a million ways to style green. The question will always be how you style them. Well, I've given you some answers, why not create your own now? 


My Turn! 

chi mee.png

I got this Zara green striped shirt with small pearls on it just few weeks ago. I was super excited to get my hands on it. However, "statement sleeves" is a trend I've never tried before, so styling this shirt is no doubt a challenge. I have paired it with trousers, but didn't turn out as good as the culottes do. (Sometimes you just need to try out all the possibilities at home in order to find the perfect combo.) As I mentioned before, black can bring out the green color, along with expensive vibe. But it'd still look bomb in any white bottom too! 

I slipped on this pair of nude color heels to elongate the proportion and show some skin to look "more summery"! As for makeup, I put on red eyeliners to really let my face pop a little bit. Last but not least, red nail colors are the key to boost the whole look! 

green 222 .png

To be honest, I refuse to let these photos only be featured in one of my serious talking posts. Also, I really wanted this post to be some kind of encouragement for you guys. People would ask me how to be stylish and find their own styles. But open their closets, all I can see is a bunch of clothes with the same patterns, colors and style. What I am saying is, don't live in your comfort zone when dressing up. Fashion is all about being unique and yourself. So if any of you are now constantly repeating wearing the same shirt, put it back to your wardrobe and pick up another one, please.