Fashion Trends That Should End ASAP

Let's be honest, fashion is fascinating, but we are all tired of seeing "Favorites" posts or "Styling 101" articles. We need some memes, somethings that spice up the fashion game. Since most of the fun we get from fashion depends on our personal preferences, it hurts nobody to say "Ew, that Chanel boy bag cringes me every time."

So today I decided to tell you those overrated trends that should totally disappear ASAP! Stop assuming you should love every item in the stores, admit it, they're really ugly

I remembered just a few seasons ago, fanny pack was more than a huge thing. That year, everyone went to Coachella (another overrated music festival. UGH.) with the fanny pack on their waists. Ever since Alessandro Michele had his models walked down the runway with classic Gucci logo printed belt bag, bringing back the 80's vibe, the fashion world had gone crazy about it. I started to see countless influencers with killer outfits and belt bags while scrolling through the Instagram feed. Brands start to produce similar styles, designs and pairing them in many ways. Taking the belt bag to the next level, Chanel revealed a new style with its belt bag in the SS18 collection.  

Regardless how popular they are, I personally find them really ugly and take me some efforts to style. I have seen people paired it with a full blazer set and sneakers, which is SO CONFUSING!! It is just like a belt you tied around to define to the waistline, but wait, what's going on with the weird pocket in front of it? I don't get it! It's neither elegant nor casual. Sisters, the belt bag is confusing!!

Before the belt bag, it was the fanny pack, which was madly popular in the 80's, that owned everyone's heart. Well, in the 21st century, we wear it in front of the chest instead of the waist and it has never looked better! Fanny pack really create a very casual vibe that you can pull off with a blazer set or baggy sweatshirt. It is so easy to style that I don't understand why everyone loves belt bag more!! 

Go fanny pack or go home! 


I know whom to blame when it comes to the ugly chunky sneakers— Balenciaga. In its SS18 collection, Demna Gvasalia brought back that kind of sneakers our dads or even grandpas would wear— chunky sneakers. Then Louis Vuitton also came out with more exaggerated ones with huge platforms for the SS18 show too. On the fashion week streets, they definitely caught street photographers' eyes. 

I personally have some issues with them. They are weirdly humongous that can make your feet look fat, chubby. Unless you have Kendall Jenner legs, you aren’t able to pull off a pair of chunky sneakers nicely. I don't think this fashion trend is for every fashion wannabe. 

I was not a huge fan of Chanel's SS18 collection at all. The transparent/ clear/ waterproof kind of fashion is just not for me. Practically, the transparent boots and hats may look cool, but they get foggy inside once you start to sweat like a pig. Oh, yes, let's not forget the plastic bags that models were holding. Horrible! I cannot find any reason to convince myself they're stylish. Especially Karl transformed the Chanel boy bag into a clear bag, that is really a deal breaker for me. They don't look cool, (again, hooray! Fanny pack), they even seem extra. 

plastic bag (like)-1.jpg

What I genuinely appreciate is chic style square clear tote bag with thick handles. (If you're thinking about the clear tote bag from Celine, we aren't on the same page, sister.) I know it is the eye-catching and jaw-dropping IT bag when I first have my eyes on this kind of clear bag. Instead of having a huge plastic tote bag on your shoulder or PVC belt bag on the waist, carrying one in your hands for sure creates a better look.