Know More Than Just Her Songs— Solange Knowles Style Breakdown

Before I accidentally scrolled through Solange Knowles's outfits on Pinterest, all I knew about her was just her special identity as Beyoncé's sister. I didn't pay attention to her songs or follow her on social media whatsoever, but the second I saw her style, it was love at the first sight.

The 32-year-old Louisiana born singer-songwriter didn't gain much fame until her album, A Seat at the Table, won the Best R&B Performance in the Grammy's. (Um, let's not talk about how she literally kicked Jay-Z's ass in the elevator back in 2014.) It turns out that not just her songs are amazing, but also the outfits she wears are so beyond incredible that she would no doubt win if CFDA had an award for the Best Dressed Singer.

Now, hit the play button and scroll down to discover more as my favorite Solange's song plays. 

Not Your Average Wedding Dress

In 2014, Solange made it official with video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson. Just when every girl's dream is getting married in a fully laced long train dress, she wisely chose the extremely elegant white cape dress made by her friend Humberto Leon. The look was absolutely timeless and one of a kind. Hair naturally put down, she finished the wedding look with bold red lips and layered on Lady Grey gold bracelets.

When it's too Pink, Add Some Glitters! 

0001 (11).jpg

I believe no one can rock anorak and cargo pants better than Solange does. With both outwear and bottoms from Tibi, she then paired them with suede pink mules to match the top. However, what puts the entire outfit together is her glitter eyeshadow that sat perfectly on her lids, complimenting her skin tone. No accessories necessary, and the look is already so breezy, so summery and so in style.

When They Told Me Not to Wear Too Many Colors, I Thought it was a Joke. 

0001 (10).jpg

*Deep breath* 

Solange knows what's going on when it comes to color blocking. Tangerine, rose pink, yellow and white all seemed so irrelevant before we saw her in this outfit. Who needs sandals when there are yellow socks and a pair of classic Mary Janes to choose? It just feels so right to walk on the streets of Louisiana in this 70's inspired outfit.

It Just Feels Right to Wear Purple Eyeshadows

0001 (12).jpg

You don't need any designer bags or a crazy amount of accessories, not even a pair of sunnies, to own the style during New York Fashion Week. Here she is, stealing the spotlight with a long beige sheer coat and stunning purple eyeshadow.

The outfit is as simple as it looks— white spaghetti top and light blue jeans. Then throw on a statement item and put some unexpected yet totally-works colors on the eyelids. Solange nails it when she wears it.

Heavenly Solange. Heavenly Style. 

0001 (14).jpg

I was pretty satisfied with all the outfits in the Met Gala this year. Solange was in a sculpted Iris van Herpen Couture dress and a pair of striped sandal heels with black vinyl socks. The Iris costume was cool, but that gorgeous embellished durag-halo headpiece had everyone in awe. The halo headpiece not only matched with the theme, "Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", but lightened the entire "vinyl church warrior" look.

What's even more interesting was the bag Ms. Knowles carried. While we were assuming every celebrity should carry a tiny night handbag with extraordinary design, Solange chose the Swarovski crystal-netted bag that was designed to carry a bottle of "Florida water". (Florida water is a kind of cologne that is used to scent a house, and is also a staple for religious rituals.) I mean, she deserves the Met Gala Best Dressed Award (if they had one).

My Thoughts?

Solange’s fashion style is as powerful as her song, yet as sweet as her personality. She can be a stylish Darth Vader on Met Gala, but the next day she is as adorable as the girl next door. Color-blocking or monochrome looks are always good ideas to steal some spotlight, and Solange makes sure she does that wherever she goes. Love love LOVE!

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Talk soon! 

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