As I am sitting alone in my favorite cafe in Taipei, I realize that 2017 is a year of learning to be independent. I am pretty sure if you asked the 18-year-old me to sit in a noisy cafe alone while others were talking to their friends, I would laugh and tell you to fuck off. In just a few days I am officially going to be a 20 years old grown up, I have spent the past year learning about being alone.

Wait, before getting super emotional, I want to do a little throwback of 2017.

1. The First Step: Kinda Kai  

The blogging idea emerged last August, and I decided to just do it without much hesitation in December. Fashion has been all I wanted to talk and write about. I was sitting on the sofa writing the very first blog post while my family was counting down to a brand new year. Well, I don't want to just simply become a fashion blogger. It is through blogging I can become whom I want to be as a person-- having the influential power to inspire people like every single day I am inspired by other bloggers. It is not a plan of 1 or 2 years, it is about how far I can go in the future. I believe that there must be something I can change, either a concept about body image or make a girl feel more confident about herself with my story. 

I love sharing favorite makeups or how to style a fashion piece, but more thing can be done using this publicity. I want Kinda Kai to be a platform really encourages people to love themselves more. Simply because it breaks my heart whenever someone tells me they think they are too thin or too fat, too tall or too short. I want them to know that they should own their confident from the inside, not from any twisted beauty standards. It took me so many years to realize this truth and will be even more difficult for others to realize this, since every fashion is always trying to tell us, "You are not beautiful enough".

The highlight of 2017 is creating Kinda Kai. Nothing makes me happier than writing blog posts and talking about fashion. A lot of magical opportunities appeared on this blog, which I am pretty proud of. Let's continue our adventure in 2018!  

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2. SuitWalk 2017 

My favorite fashion event will surely be the SuitWalk 2017 held by GQ magazine. It was my first time attending such huge fashion occasion. I made a decision to gather up my courage and grab my camera to shoot these fashionistas. I was surrounded by real fashion there. People I met in SuitWalk were overwhelmingly talented and friendly. This blog has made some magic happen too. I become friends with some people I shot and of course, each of them shared their amazing fashion adventures with me. Being a part of SuitWalk ensured me that my whole life has something to do with fashion. Can't wait for March 10th to attend SuitWalk 2018! 


3. I am Alone, but not Lonely 

As I mentioned, "independent" is the biggest lesson I learned in the past year. I found myself quite enjoy some "me time". I know I don't always need to have someones accompany. I am proud that this year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something new for the first time. "F**k it," I thought to myself, "the worst scenario would be ending up hating it, after all."

I went to my very first concert alone, hoping to meet some strangers and had a good time there. Guess what? I did! The concert was amazing accompanied by the sweetest girl I could ever met. I also lived by myself in Taipei in a small apartment in August when volunteering in Taipei Universiade. Every day I went to the baseball court alone, "argued" about the baseball field rules with the audience and explained the security rules repeatedly. These "first times" I experienced had taught me so many lessons. Now I feel comfortable while strolling alone on big wide streets in Taipei or visiting a exhibition on my own.

I am alone, but not lonely. I have learned to accompany myself. 

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4.  What Are You Waiting For? 

So, what are you waiting for? Stepping out of the comfort zone is also another way of being independent. Learn something new every day, fall in love with someone, read a book that you would never pick up from the bookshelf, go to a concert by your own or watch a romantic movie while surrounded by a bunch of lovers (haha). Whatever. If you have always wanted to do something, do it right now. It's now or never. 

Oh, f**k it, don't care about what people think. Those who support you will appreciate what you have done for your dream. Be open-minded and do it without hesitation.  

Gather up your courage and I promise, just from what I experienced this year, the result never lets you down.


2017 has been a good journey with your overwhelmingly supports. I am so so so lucky to be able to do what I do. I love blogging to death, just because it brought me and all of you so much energy in the past year. You are the reason I keep on trying and dreaming. 

Thank you.