That's What Our Style Values.

Recently, I came across a gorgeous girl on Instagram, whose style looked excatly the same as another Instagrammer I followed. Shockingly, it turned out they went to the same high school. That girl has been nonstop copying the Instagramer since high school, even though they study in different colleges now.

Crazy, huh? But I often catch myself staring at someone's Instagram and actually wishing I were the one dressed in Dior, too. It's so easy, yet so normal, to get envy. Envy others that seem to have a better life than I do; Envy young girls with Chanel bags and Gucci flats, when all I own are boots from Zara. Undeniably, it's so easy to get lost on social medias. 


很瘋狂,對吧? 但是我也常常發現自己不斷看著同個人的Instagram,默默希望我是照片裡穿著Dior的女孩。羨慕很容易,卻很正常。羨慕別人的生活看似比我充實、富裕;羨慕其他的年輕女孩提著Chanel的手提包,踩著Gucci的平底鞋,轉頭看自己擁有的,卻盡是Zara的靴子。不可否認的是,在社群網路上的我們都太容易迷失了。

With a few clicks, we can see other stylish people on social medias sharing ootds or makeup tutorials. To be honest, if itweren't for these amazing information, I wouldn't be inspired to create Kinda Kai. They teach us how to dress up, do makeups or showcase personal styles. However, the biggest mistake we often make is to compare. Upon discovering a chic girl, we immediately compared her to ourselves. "Is she prettier than me? Or it is just makeup? She seems so rich. What's her job? Or is she simply a spoiled girl who wears YSL? How come she has more followers than me? I think my photos are better than hers." (Of course, )

I have been there before, asking my friends whether I dress like a proper "blogger" or not. I thought my style is quite different from bloggers I followed on Instagram. I compared myself to professional fashionistas. But what my friend answered was a total shock for me. She said:

"I feel like you should just be you. That is how you create the value of your own style."

Even now, I still think she gave me the exact answer and power I needed then. Yes, why don't we be ourselves?

點幾下,我們就能夠在社群網路上,看到在時尚界人們的穿搭或是彩妝教學影片。老實說,如果沒有這些實用的資訊,我也不會想要建立Kinda Kai。這些東西教會我們如何打扮、化妝還有穿出自己的特色。但是最大的問題是「比較」。當在Instagram上看到一位超有特色的女孩,我們會下意識的拿她與自己比較。「她有比我漂亮嗎? 還是因為化妝的關係? 她好像蠻有錢的,她做什麼工作? 還是她只是個穿著YSL被寵壞的女孩? 為什麼她的追蹤人數比我多? 我覺得自己的照片比她好看。」(當然,這些內心小劇場每個人想的都不一樣啦哈哈)





Remember the story I told in the beginning?? That girl might be too obsessed over others and often compares herself to that Instagrammer, resulting in her wanting to "own" other people's style. But truth is, we create our own style. And we should do that for two reasons, fashion is something we cannot "copy and paste" from other people. Fashion is all about creativity. If anyone copies someone's idea, it's so easy to get caught. What's more important, and what I am really trying to say here, is that none of us can ever dress the same, even in the same clothes. 

We can be inspired by bloggers on Instagram. We can buy clothes we love and dress to our hearts desire. Don't compare. Comparison kills our minds and creativity. And even more crucial, don't copy. We are all capable of making our own style worth something.   

還記得文章一開始我說的故事嗎? 那位女孩或許是太著迷於其他人或是常常拿自己與這位Instagramer比較,讓自己想要成為別人。但事實上,我們必須自己創造的風格。第一個原因是,時尚是我們不能從他人身上複製貼上的,因為時尚和創意息息相關。如果任何人複製了其他人的想法,很容易就會被看出來。更重要的,也是我想要說的是,就算穿著同樣的衣服,我們也不可能看起來一樣。



Floral Coat: Beach Vintage

Black Top: Zara

Black Culotte: Zara

Black Suede Boots: Zara

Necklaces: Aldo 

Ring: Eva Eva Accessory