Life Update|Thoughts Recap

Let's not talk about fashion today.

I feel like I've been disconnected from people and myself for some time. Recently I have been so stressed out and things happened rapidly. Whether they are fashion related or not, this my diary and my journey. 


Russian | Русский Язык 

This semester, my major has been so difficult that I have to spend most of my weekend and time in studying. In fact, I have to learn to manage my time real well or else I won't be able to take care of Russian and the blog. It's not easy, and I didn't expect it to be, either. Russian is such an accurate language in word using, which makes it so time-consuming to learn. However, I am growing to love it. If I keep learning, 2 years later I could hopefully talk with native speakers fluently. That vision always keeps me going. 

Trying Out New Style

The other day my friend and I were discussing my outfits (weird, right? I am fully aware.) She felt like I need to try something different, or it'd be so boring always seeing the same clothes on me. Since then, I've tried out pieces such as skirts, dresses, and shorts (Groundbreaking.) Because of this, every time when shopping, I would ask myself if this is different from pieces in my wardrobe. So far so good! I feel like this plan somehow makes me think twice before paying. It also add some surprise into my wardrobe. Very excited to show you everything!

Body Positive|Body Image

Just a few days ago, I received a message from the most random person I could imagine telling me I should go on the diet. I am not going to explain my feeling and thoughts here because I am saving it till the posts about body image in the future. I wasn't hurt. Not at all. Body image is something I really made an effort to overcome since I was little. I am not satisfied with my figure, which, in fact, no one is. But I am very comfortable with my body. Anyway, I am aware putting myself on social medias, shit happened. Thanks to that mean stranger, I'm dedicated to talking more about body positive in the future posts. 

The Future Posts

`I never wanted to be a normal fashion blogger you see on Instagram-- shooting beautiful photos, dressing in high-end products and writing posts just for sponsors. I know. I know that these are bloggers' money sources. But by doing so, blogging seems to be nothing more than a job-- just to pay the bills. Nothing personal or deep, just them and their fancy outfits. 

I am hoping that Kinda Kai can get myself work in the fashion industry. This is why I started my blog, for fun and the future job. However, I realized that people in Taiwan only want to know how to dress as fabulous as these Internet celebs. They seriously don't give a shit to those trend reports or fashion articles. Yes, noted the fact that not everyone wants and needs to know all of these. I still feel isolated, seeing no huge progression/ future for Taiwan bloggers and freelancers. I might be wrong, because I am simply a starter at the moment. But it's extremely obvious that bloggers/freelancers in Taiwan are so different from those in LA. Readers get to know their daily life or personal love stories, etc. They give their experiences and stories directly to readers. The bond is so strong and unbreakable. 

It feel great to get everything out of my chest by writing this ;) Oh, don't forget to check out my post on The Haute Brunette about summer dresses! I hope you like it and see you in the next post! 

xx, Kai

Hat: H&M / Top & Pants: Bershka / Boots: Zara / Choker: Vii & Co. / Backpack: Cumar