7 Lessons I Learned In My Freshman Year

 Summer break is here. Finally. After the exhausting finals, I need some time to relax and look back to the past year-- my freshman year.

Photos in this post were taken last September in Taipei, before my uni life started. Everything was new and exciting. I was free, young, looking forward to experiencing the magical city. Life wasn't hard at all. In fact, I didn't need to worry about anything-- I got friends here and my High School classmate was even my roommate.

But if you ask me now, studying in Taipei and being away from home gave me a real hard time. Living in the capital city, there are countless chances of meeting people in the fashion industry, but also, countless times to make you feel small and ignored. 

A year went by, I already started Kinda Kai and met a lot of fashion loving new friends. Now, I am ready to look back to my journey and tell you the 7 lessons I learned. 

1. If You're Not Doing What You Love, Then You're Wasting Your Time

In High School, I didn't have much time to question myself what I'm interested in. But uni is different. I have so many opportunities to experience new things, finding out what's my passion. I am grateful for knowing fashion will be my lifetime career. I see way too many people doing nothing but complaining about their majors.

If you're not doing things that make you happy, it's time to change. Spend time on making your dreams into realities. It's always worth a try and then you'll realize all you need is to enjoy the moment.   

2. Always Look For Challenges. ALWAYS.

I took less challenging classes, which professors who never did the roll call in the 2nd semester. I was unwilling to pay much attention to those classes, but hoping to leave some time for writing blog posts. I didn't take these classes seriously, since there was no pressure on me. Turned out, I skipped so many classes that I even failed my midterms, ended up learned nothing from those classes. 

Countless people in uni were just like me-- skipping classes and expect themselves to get straight As on exams. But what's the point?? I spent numerous night studying, missing all the fun in High School just to enter a satisfying college. And now, I am in this university, but all I do is not attending classes? Now I am afraid to take any challenges because they might stop me from writing a fashion blog? 

No, stop running away from challenges. Only walking out of comfort zone makes you stronger and actually learn things.

Feel stressful finishing every assignment, then proud of your accomplishments. Let every failure teach you lessons for life. Seize every opportunity to improve yourself. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so be that person who always signs up for challenges.


3. Time Management & Stay Motivated

Since the schedule in university is much more flexible, I cannot emphasize enough about good time management. However, writing down the plan and actually sticking to it are two things. Procrastination is the biggest nightmare for college students. Without planning out time properly, life would be a huge mess. In March Favorite post, I mentioned Serene, a YouTuber studies at Duke Uni, her vlogs show great time management. They are my motivation-- not to waste time on social media and study harder.

4. Be Humble

The more successful a person is, the more humble he/she is. I've seen so many people who are so satisfied with their grades or abilities. They view themselves as the best students who can easily do great on exams and have fun at the same time. I am not saying feeling bad about ourselves is humbleness. But I learned to stay hungry and stay foolish. There are still many interesting new friends to meet, unknown knowledge to learn, and inspiring places to explore.

Stop focusing only on yourself and let others inspire you.  

5. Success Does Not Come Overnight

Well, of course you already knew this. But still, I pay too much attention to my goals that forget the sacrifices I shall make or how long success takes. In other words, I am too eager to be successful, without any hard working. Life is not like any Hollywood movies, in fact, it is so much harder than you imagine. Success only comes after hitting the rock bottom, after crying to sleep every night and after doubting yourself but decide not to give up. 

What I'm saying is, you have to build your own road day by day. There will be lots of obstacles before reaching the end, but all the efforts will pay off. Promise

6. Believe In Yourself

Self-doubt is a lifetime issue. No one gets to escape it. When Kinda Kai was just established, negative thoughts often convince me to give up. But thank God, I got friends who teach me to believe in myself. They trust me in creating content on the blog and always give real advice. 

 Fighting against self-doubt is hard, but we shall remind ourselves to just believe. Never let go of your goals/ dreams.

7. It's The Time Of Your Life. Seize It & Make It Worth

 I will never be as free, as young and relax as I am right now. University is a place that allows me to dream big and fearlessly. I got to learn as much as I can, spending time investing my future. It's time to choose what to learn, where to go and who to work with. The university is all about the individual. What I've accomplished here will stay with me for the rest of my life.  

Seize it and make these tears & sweat worth.

That's all for today, my friend! Thank you so much for reading ;) Whether you're going to uni this summer or you've already graduated, I hope these lessons still inspire you!

 Finally, I got plenty of time to do what I want-- writing as many blog posts as I want--in summer break! Also, I am thinking about translating previous posts into Chinese.

Be sure to give this post a like and comment!!!  I'll see you again very soon.