【Ultimate Men's Styling Guide】— Texture

I was watching Jordan O’brien’s fall staples and essentials video and got super inspired to write about how I see menswear. Jordan is the ultimate stylish guy both on YouTube and Instagram. I am so digging his chic smart style, which seems to slowly die in fashion because of the influential street style. Boy, if you are ready to give your wardrobe a makeover or have been struggling for trying new fashion style, I am here to help.

Lesson #1: Texture

This might surprise you, but “less is more” is truly the golden rule in men’s fashion. Compared to women’s staple pieces, patterns don’t play an essential rule in your closet. To keep the outfit plain, clean and light, that is to play with texture. Knowing how to combine different texture pieces into a look is the key to successful style since they usually redefine the silhouette of your body.

Keep the outfit from looking boring by combining stiff and soft fabrics together. Stiff fabric items like denim/ leather jackets, heavy wool coats or blazer, while soft ones are usually silk blouse, T-shirts or knitted jumper. Here Jordan pairs a plain white shirt with a simple denim jacket, which you can even get on Amazon and at the bottom are the pinstripe trousers. Jordan also ingeniously adds various texture through accessories. The black newsboy hat along with tortoise glasses perfectly balance the look.

It’s fine when you don’t own any bold statement pieces in the wardrobe, but one of the easiest ways to spice up the styling game is by various fabric texture. Challenge yourself today to mix and match in front of the mirror, you may develop some surprise.

↓  Leather Jacket and a white tee! Am I the only one getting the Grease vibe here?

Of course, fashion is fun because there is a million way to dress up. For the warmer and sunnier days, a head to toe soft fabric outfit never goes wrong— turtleneck/ tee and cardigan. Jordan wears a different shade of grey on he top and bottom to give a monochrome moment. The red vintage cardigan draws all the eyes, while on the head he keeps it simple with the fedora.

Light weighted soft fabric works well together: a white tee with Hawaiian floral blouse for summer, turtleneck and cardigan or shirt in autumn. A quick little tip: to tone down the lightness upper body creates, choose a pair of more heavy- grungy looking shoes such as Dr. Martins or any other masculine boots to balance it out.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Texture is rule #1 in menswear. Pay a bit more attention to the texture and quality of each piece. The stiff and soft fabric may look the same, but trust me, the devil is in the details. It isn’t hard to become a man with class, but to showcase your sense of fashion, today’s lesson is something worth learning for sure.