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Go Big or Go Home! Met Gala 2019 Highlights

The most anticipated, well-known event in fashion The Met Gala titled this year as "Camp: Notes on Fashion", taking inspiration from the American critic Susan Sontag’s essay "Notes on Camp" in 1964. The word "Camp" includes several meanings, from the cross-dresser and drag culture to the general concept of dressing extravagantly. In a word, "Go big or go home".

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Calling Out All the Gentlemen There! It’s SuitWalk 2019

第三年參加「紳裝走路 Suitwalk」,從第一次認識的面孔到現在彷彿是一年見一次的家人,每年的三月初,總是一個「回家」的感覺。當然,我今年也要見見他們! 買好門票,約了兩位友人隨行,背起相機,來去捕捉最出眾的穿搭。翻出你的西裝外套,領帶繫好,更別忘了帶上一點紳仕態度,讓我們來趟紳裝走路!

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