The Real Vintage (pt.II)

As I promised, here comes part II of my vintage shopping trip! (Just in case you missed out on part I, read it here) 

 預告過會古著尋寶有第二篇! (萬一你不幸錯過趴萬,先點這裡再回來!!)

Although Travis had completely fulfilled my "hunger for vintage clothing", I still wanna check out another store near by. The store "Beach Vintage"is located on the same street as Travis (um, Chifeng street is pretty long tho), but has a totally different style. 

雖然 Travis 大致上已經滿足了我這次古著尋寶的需求,但因為距離不遠,所以我還是想要再去一間古著店。這間叫 "Beach Vintage" 的古著店跟Travis是在同一條街上(摁。赤峰街其實蠻長的),但是詮釋著截然不同的風格。

"Beach Vintage" sells vintage clothes mostly from Japan. Although it also sells crafts made by local artists, it was so hard to get my eyes off the clothes on the hangers. What really caught my eye first were those gorgeous and quintessential Japanese style dresses, long and elegant. Also, look at that bold polka dot dress in Grandma patterns? With its grass green collar and dots jumping around, how can I not allow myself to indulge in its playfulness?? How about these dresses with "pajama-ish" prints? I can even imagine my grandma as a young lady wearing these dresses watching men's jaws drop as she walked by!! 

Beach Vintage 的衣服都是從日本帶回來的,店裡雖然也賣一些寄賣的文創小物(這些也值得看!),但掛在架上的古著圍繞著我,真的很難從他們身上移開視線!! 我馬上被吸引到的是件經典的日式長裙,飄逸的裙襬非常優雅。再看看這件大膽配色的點點洋裝,綠色的衣領配上在裙子上跳舞的圓點們,我怎能忍受自己不陷入這瘋狂的時刻?? 看似睡衣的圖騰洋裝,我甚至可以想像得到阿嬤年輕時穿著這件走在街上,身邊的眼光都被她奪走了!!

To my surprise, there were so many clothes with Disney characters on it. From denim overalls to bright orange sweaters, Mickey and his friends appeared everywhere. But of course, in very old designs. In fact, I was pretty astonished by how many denim items they own in "Beach Vintage". Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger dancing around on clothes gave the whole store a playful and mischievous atmosphere. Oh and Betty Boop! They propped Betty Boop on the window cill to say hi! (I have a Betty Boop towel at home. I used to appreciate her body ha ha) 

驚訝的是 Beach Vintage 的衣服上有很多迪士尼的人物。從丹寧連身褲到亮橘色的衛衣,米奇帶著他的好朋友們出現在每個角落,當然是那種舊版本的那種。我也對於這裡有很多丹寧單品感到新奇,上面也都有迪士尼人物,小熊維尼、小豬還有跳跳虎在丹寧布上玩耍,給了這間店的更多一點孩子氣。喔對了,還有貝蒂欸! 她被放在櫥窗的小角落,超可愛的! (我家還有貝蒂的擦手布,小時候都看著她窈窕的身材哈哈)

Say Hi to Minnie!

Say Hi to Minnie!

To be honest, some people (me, ha!) go thrifting/ vintage shopping to look for high-end products. That's totally fine. These stores are for us, the budget limited people lol. "Beach Vintage" has Burberry trench coats for $83 and I also spotted a Gucci hat.

老實說,有些人會去古著店或是二手店找比較便宜的名牌貨。這當然沒問題,這些店某種程度上也是能夠滿足我們這些預算有限的人們啊哈哈哈! 這裡也能夠滿足我們的需求,$2500就可以買到保存良好的Burberry風衣!! 我還看到一頂Gucci帽 :)

So cute :0

So cute :0

Thanks Joy for running around with me, even you are lazy all the time. #BestRoommate 

Thanks Joy for running around with me, even you are lazy all the time. #BestRoommate 

Undeniably, the staff plays an important role in our shopping process. For me, it's kinda important for them to be nice and approachable and okay with me asking about everything. I am still in love with pieces the sales girl wore. Tell me who can style an entirely pink outfit without looking too "in your face"?? She could and she DID. I almost screamed out of happiness when I saw her --A, being too cute and B, how bold she was. She successfully created a sweet look with comprised of varying shades of pink. From hot pink headbands to floral patterns on her dress, and the ruffle details to her super shiny pink shoes, she was like the master of pink. I am just lovin' it!!   

無可否認的是,店員通常在逛街的時候扮演重要角色。對我而言,店員平易近人蠻重要的,問一堆問題的時候也比較放心。到現在我還是很喜歡店員那天的搭配,誰來告訴我有哪些人可以駕馭全粉色,卻不過頭?? 這位姐姐很可以! 她也做到了! 我看到她的穿著時差點尖叫,一、粉嫩得太可愛了,二、超大膽!! 她利用不同色調的粉紅成功創造出甜美的感覺,從亮粉色的髮箍到裙子上的小碎花,荷葉邊到閃亮亮粉色鞋子,她簡直是粉紅女王。

"Beach Vintage"

Address: No.26, Ln. 71, Chifeng St., Datong Dist., Taipei/ MRT Shuanglian 1st exportation 台北市大同區赤峰街71巷26號(雙連1號出口)

Okay, *sigh* finally we made it to the end!! Thank you so much for joining me on this vintage shopping trip. It was definitely unforgettable. I got to see different sides of fashion, history, and cultures.There’s a piece of history hidden within every item of clothing and I was just completely in awe.)Tell me your favorite places to shop and why in the comments! 

豪的! (跳一下) 我們終於看完拉! 謝謝你和我一起回顧完這趟古著旅程,收穫很多也很難忘! 我看到了時尚更多不同面向、歷史還有文化。這些藏在衣服背後的黃金歲月讓我比「驚訝」還有更多感受(這甚麼形容好不具體......)。告訴我你喜歡在那裡逛街,還有為甚麼是你的愛店!!