The Real Vintage (pt.I)

Vintage Stores In Taipei

I've always wanted to visit vintage stores in Taiwan. My "ideal vintage clothes" are those real old "only for Grandpa/ma " shirts or dresses. Most importantly, every piece of clothing has to have their own unique and appealing story. However, I have never found a store that met all of my requirements, until now.  


我其實一直很想要逛逛臺灣的古著店 (雖然我現在說古著都會聯想到日本的那種寬寬鬆鬆、有些人看了不懂(就是我)的衣著)。雖然這樣說,我理想中的是那些我們「阿公阿嬤限定」樣式的上衣或是裙子(比較美國類型的),而且更重要的是,每一件衣服都有自己吸引人的故事。所以,我從來沒有發現一家真正符合我需求的古著店,但現在,終於被我找到了!!


Travis: Used & Vintage Clothing

Before starting this vintage journey, I've already done some research on Travis and it seemed so mysterious (which of course made me even more excited). Located in one of many narrow alleys in Chifeng Street, Travis sells vintage clothes dating from the 1930s to 1990s and doesn't only open its door for "vintage experts". I know it's gonna be a whole new world the second I stepped into the store. Immediately, I was taken away by these bomber jackets full of embroidery hanging all over the wall. And nothing could compare to these old but iconic pieces like leather jackets, denim and band tees, which had me at the first sight. Did I mention how amazingly friendly the owner of Travis is??  

在這古著旅程開始前,我有先上網研究了一下Travis,它真的看起來蠻神秘的,小小的一間店藏著無數珍貴歷史還有讓人驚艷的故事。座落在赤峰街其中一條小巷子裡,賣1930年代到1990年代古著的Travis看起來一點都沒有距離感,除了那些古著專家外,一知半解的我們也可以豪無畏懼進去挖寶! 一踏進店裡就看得出來,這跟我們平常聯想到的日本古著店不同。我馬上被這些掛在牆上一排又一排、充滿刺繡圖案的老舊飛行外套震懾住了,也沒有甚麼能比得過掛在衣架上那些年代久遠卻非常經典的皮外套、丹寧和樂團T。我有說過老闆人超級好的嗎??(而且好帥......)


Among all these mind-blowing bad boys, I noticed some colorful bowling shirts with names like Clyde or Johnny and patterns of bowling alleys. I picked up a royal blue one with a yellow collar (my fav color combination) and went straight to the fitting room.

在眾多「我每件都想要試穿」的衣服中, 我注意到一些保齡球衣,上面有繡名字像Clyde、Johnny,還有保齡球館的名字圖樣等等。我選了一件黃色領子配上寶藍色上衣的(最喜歡的顏色組合!),然後直奔試衣間!!


The Fact

It fits just like the Zara shirt I wrote about in "Never Only Shop In Women's" (Hell, I forgot to take photos of me wearing it). When the owner said: "This is what someone in the US army wore to bowl in the 50s.", I was so so so speechless. I felt like it's so fragile that it could fall apart in a second yet so strong and powerful to be preserved perfectly till now. I mean, yes, I know vintage clothes are from the old old eras (duuuh!), but it’s one thing to know that and another to actually wear and experience its history in person

它就跟我之前寫的文章 "Never Only Shop In Women's"裡面那件Zara男裝一樣合身 (可惡,我竟然忘記拍我穿上的樣子)。當老闆說:「這是50年代美軍穿得保齡球衣。」的時候,我震撼到無話可說(雞皮疙瘩都來了!!)。瞬間我覺得身上這件脆弱到可以直接在一秒內解體,又覺得它強壯到可以完整保存到現在。 沒錯,我也知道古著就是這些有年代已經再也買不到的衣服(廢話),但是用想的跟實際穿上的感覺完全是兩回事啊!!!

This is another piece I chose to try on. I was so in love with the yellow details in the front and back (yes, I know, I forgot to shoot the back side of this t-shirt). This one is from the 70s, and let me tell you, I can totally imagine people wearing this one dancing disco. 

這是我試穿的另外一件,因為太喜歡黃色細節在黑色上面的顯眼程度 (然後我知道我又忘記拍它的背面了)。這是70年代的衣服,而且我告訴你,我完全可以想像以前的人穿這件在舞池跳迪斯可。

Large bucket filled with name or company tags. Find your name here!

Large bucket filled with name or company tags. Find your name here!

Vintage T-shirts are for experts and we "Muggles" ahaha 

Vintage T-shirts are for experts and we "Muggles" ahaha 

The owner told me T-shirts made in the US in early ages have a special feature--they are seamless. Those T-shirts were made in a single process forming, without sewing front and back pieces together. Producing tees slow, but very comfortable and more good-looking.  A side note for y'all , you are aware of every vintage cloth is one and only version, aren't you?? So prepare your $$, just in case. 

About Travis 

Address: No.4-1, Ln. 41, Chifeng St., Datong Dist., Taipei City(Metro Zhongshan station exportation 4)/ 臺北市赤峰街41巷4號1樓(捷運中山站4號出口)

Opens from 14:00 to 22:00


Fashion always makes my jaw drops in many ways. This vintage hunting trip hasn't ended yet (another vintage store post is coming for y'all!!), but I was pretty surprised how well the journey goes. Although I did not buy anything from Travis this time, I would definitely go back once in a while. There are so many other stories behind clothes to be discovered waiting for us to dig them out. Vintage clothing is the world I've never had a chance to explore until I walked into Travis. The REAL vintage, fashion as well, should tell the stories happened in its golden age, not just the price. (Lastly, allow me to end this post with the cute owner of Travis)

時尚總是讓我驚豔。這趟古著旅程當然還沒結束 (對,還有另外一家),但是我蠻驚訝過程很順利。雖然這次我沒有在Travis買任何東西,但這是一家我絕對會想要常常來逛的店。有太多藏在衣服背後的故事等我們去聆聽、發掘,古著的世界我或許以前沒有接觸過,但是透過Travis,終於得一窺究竟。古著,時尚亦是如此,都應該講述一個又一個在黃金年代裡發生的故事,而非只有價錢。(最後以一張帥帥老闆出門的照片作結束)