2016 Top 5 Fashion Trends

Whether to you 2016 is naughty or not, fashion trends this year have been insane and definitely blow our minds. From the comeback of velvet to sexy fishnets, these trends can be seen everywhere in stores. In the last day of 2016, I came up with 5 trends that I saw on bloggers, fashion shows, celebrities and stores all around this year.So I hope you enjoy reading this and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

I'd say metallic skirts are the best hit this year and it seems to be every blogger's closet must have. These skirts take over street snaps in fashion weeks and shout loudly toward others of their existence. I love how this metallic skirt from Valentino Fall lights up the whole outfit. The dress from Vetements Fall is totally a bomb! Cannot imagine how many spotlights one will get with this dress on streets. Gucci also has some cool shiny shoes too. With the thick rainbow platform and metallic effect, it's very hard not to notice how bright they are!  

 The comeback of velvet is totally a hit this year. From choker to boots, products made in velvet are sure to sold out. The red Miu Miu velvet jacket not only gives it retro looks but also brighten up the entire outfit.  Velvet are also found in Valentino Fall 2016 Ready To Wear. With ruffles or bright colors like yellow, velvet pieces can be wear as statement pieces. 

"Off the shoulder" has been a thing all year around. Sexy but not over exposed, these tops are the most romantic clothes. They can be super edgy like this purple one from Moschino, but also elegant like the one Emma Watson was wearing. Chanel Spring Couture had also come up with the most "Renaissancy" vibe top. Laces and even wore by Bella Hadid, this one is absolutely stunning and jaw dropping. 




in the past year, we can see embroidery clothes in stores like Zara and H&M and in fashion weeks street snaps. Those complicated details, with flowers all around the clothes, embroidered products always catch my eyes. And there is no way not mentioning Gucci, which is the master of the experts, when it comes to embroidery. This embroidered leather jacket from Gucci Fall combines the most classic snake logo and the delicate flowers, creating the rock n roll '80s vibe. Different from above, the Alexander Mcqueen Fall denim jacket has the special cutting and the unique Alfons-Mucha-like-floral-prints. 

There's nothing more to say about how popular the Gucci belts are. With the retro Gucci logo, this belt perfectly gives that spotlight an outfit needs. From the simplest ones with GG logo to fancier ones with studs, everyone wants to get their hands on it. 2016 Gucci also came up with many flats, including those leather slippers with fur and embroidered sneakers. Each of them is simple but chic and classic as well

Tell me what is your favorite trend in 2016! Which trend you are most excited about?? Leave comments below! Thank you for reading!