Match It! How To Wear Matching Sets

We all have seen these people in fashion weeks wearing pajama sets (yes, it is still in trend.) or in suits catching these camera flashlights. Matching sets are nothing new,  it actually is the come back of 70s trends (well, you can totally dress like that if you want). 

You can't really see many people walking on streets in matching sets, because A, they feel like buying two pieces for one outfit is just waaay expensive. B, they don't really know how to wear them properly. So today's topic is to show you how these fashionistas (and me lol) rock the matching sets! They can be totally casual without making you look like you're rushing to work.

 All street snaps are from The Outsiders (ugh they're the BEST, check 'em out!) and JPMV

The Casual Suits

As you probably already noticed, these gorg girls keep things simple: TWO COLORS, THAT'S IT. The simplest way to dress in casual suits is wear a T shirt (band T will do) under it, plain and neat!  For those dresses fancier, a bra top will definitely be jaw dropping af. (FYI, bra tops are in my Top 10 fashion trends, read it here! )

The Pajama Sets

Now with pajama sets, you can go bolder with light colors and large, complex patterns. A simple blazer with contrast color, or a bomber jacket will not go wrong. Oh! Don't forget to put on heels (don't wear flats!) so that you won't really look like just got out from the hotel room. 

Just Other Sets

You see, what I like about matching sets is you barely need to add accessories. A pair of sunnies or a hat, boom! You are good to go, cuz the set is the statement piece itself. It is also the easiest way to get dress. You have your top and bottom all prepared already!

My Turn

Weeks ago, I bought this gorg matching sets in H&M (within $40, totally a bargain) and became more than obsession with them. To pair with it, I wore a simple red T shirt from Stanford years ago and fishnets (obsessed too!!) with Zara patented boots. Finally, this look won't be completed without a hat from H&M. Casual, comfortable and creative!! Blogger Stephanie from Unconscious Style has the set too! See how she styles it here.

And that's all! I hope this inspires you to try out matching sets. They are definitely in my top of list when shopping, eye catching yet comfortable.  Last but not least, hey! I kinda change the way I write, less words more pictures ha ha ;) I will try to keep everything neat & short!! Hope you like it :))

Thank you so so much for reading. Please feel free to tell me what are your thoughts about Kinda Kai (goods or bads, all up to you!) and see you in next post!