What has been in my mind & life.

It's that kind of moment which I wanna share things and thoughts in life. 

1. Blogging- I started to ask myself to blog regularly and schedule myself to post. Although it's hard to take pictures without nice camera or friend who usually takes picture of me, I still came up quite a few ideas/posts. I am actually glad going back to school, so I have somebody take pics for me. But I am also kinda anxious about the balance of my major and blogging. It really feels good to blog and it became a huge part in my daily life recently, so thank you for supporting me.

2. Changes- We all are anxious about changes in anything, including I changed my blogging platform and my life would be huge different bcuz of this. New semester is coming, I can't help but over think about what will be the challenge in the future. 

3. Imitate- I really need to know what my values are and what my style defines. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed of clothes that some other bloggers own, though they might not suit me well, my mind still sticking around of buying them. Trends are dangerous, and I feel like we can easily lose ourselves pursuing these trends blindly. 

4. Read- I clearly know I need to read more. Just read. Read about fashion, style and everything. 

5. What Others Think About Me- You cannot deny that you don't care at all. Things I do right not, I understand there is no needs to be shy of bloggin', but you know, overthinking kills you

6. Fitness- Oh God, can't believe I actually said that. Go. To. Gym. Next. Month!

Last, school starts next week. (crying face) 

Tell me what you've been up to recently!