Favorites & Inspirations: February

It's been almost a month now since I joined the blogging community. Thanks to your supports and some blogs that have incredible style and design, so far so good! I discovered some favorites and inspos that give me ideas to improve Kinda Kai. In the end of February, I make a list of bloggers that really worth a visit or some goodies I fell in love with. 


Lizzy Hadfield (Shot From The Street)

She is probably the one I took most of inspirations from in Feb. I love the way she designs her website (created by Squarespace too!): a little banner that has little video from her YouTube channel. Super super dope. Speaking about her YouTube channel, I swear I spent my time on YouTube mostly watching her weekly vlogs. Her minimal style is literally everyone's goal!

The Outsider 

If you love street snaps, you don't wanna miss The Outsider blog. Run by Diego Zuko and Ceci Mendez, they have these eyes looking to capture every single fashion detail. I seriously cannot recommend any street style blogs than this, and seriously don't know how their magic works.

Riccardo Simonetti

I cannot tell you how much I love Ricci since the very first moment I saw him. He's a German blogger, living a Hollywood life with hoping paparazzi take as many photos as possible (LOL). No, seriously, he does have a life as a fashion king. I even created a flat lay for him! 


Capture Your Style by Aimee Song (Song Of Style

Don't tell me you are a member in the blogger community if you haven't heard of Aimee Song. She is one of the bloggers that actually makes the society know blogging can be professional too. Last year, she came out with this book, called "Capture Your Style", teaching her readers how to become Instagram guru. People haven't stopped this craze rereading it since launched. It almost becomes a second blogging Bible after "Love x Style x Life" by Garance Dore


Felicity Hayward interviewed by Allure magazine

To be honest, although the world is crazy about Ashley Graham walking on runways, I am all about Felicity Hayward talking about body positive. I have never seen Felicity talked this much in any other interviews, including cellulite, stretch marks and her confidence. I found it inspiring for girls who have stretch marks/ cellulite (or anything else) and are dealing with body image. 


What can I say?? JUST LISTEN. Lyrics here.

How's your February doing?? Feel free to leave comments below! Don't forget to join Bfrow.com with me or follow me on social medias :) See you in next post!