My Flat Lay Journey: Beginning, now and inspirations!

If you take a look on my Instagram, obviously you can see I luv flat lay. It is, in my opinion, the best way to showcase beautiful stuffs in a square. It also allows me to put my own creativity on how to lay out these goodies. Well today, I thought I'd like to share how did I jump on this trendwagon and develop a long term relationship with flat lay.

How It Started   

THIS. In last May, accesories my friends and I ordered online arrived that day. By that time, I was already following lots of bloggers on Instagram but never thought of becoming blogger or anything else (well, maybe YTer). As all of us were overwhelmed by these absolutely beautiful newbies, I thought "Hey! Why not take some photos like these bloggers on Instagram did?? That'd be sick!" So I took out the new sunglasses, my wallet, pens from friends, washi tapes and the spotlight- memorial pin from my high school. I went for that monochrome style (like others did) and made the scene neat & clean. Bam! I remembered when putting on Instagram, my friends all went nuts (lol). That was the time I had a sense of achievement in flat lays and thought I could nail it.

From then on, I luv to create flat lay so much that sometimes when shopping I'd buy/ crave for sth pretty just to fit flat lay (I don't actually do that now ha ha). With a big wide white paper, I am just like painter who paints drawings to impress others. Of course, we all love simple things in the beginning. 


Things can get a bit spicier and messier when I knew more about flat lay. There is nothing bad of being neat and clean, but I always get too bored of it (unless the square and space are perfectly placed). I love to create the messy and things all over the photo, but somehow nicely placed. 

There are also times I am so uninpsired! So if you look posts in the "save" section in my Instagram, mostly they are flat lay photos from other bloggers, just in case. Now, here are some of my all time fav flat lay queen. They took killer flat lays, check em out!

The 1 & only queen Margaret Zhang (she even created her own flat lay hashtag, called #ZhangFlatlay) from Shine By Three

Carissa Smart from Design By Aikonik

@thewildreverie on Instagram

@mypetitedilemma on Instagram

That's all I'm gonna chat with you today! Thank you so so much for reading ;) I am so excited for this Saturday to buy a real camera so I can shot some decent photos now ha ha!