Favorites & Inspirations: March

I'm now comfortably sitting on the sofa in my real home, Tainan! I didn't realize how much I miss home until I walked out from the train station. After a tough month, I do need some quality rests. (Russian is harder than you can imagine!) Anyway, I am actually pretty excited to share with you my monthly favorites and inspo, which helped me survive all the challenges in March. Scroll on to get inspired too!

Girl In Her Morning Elegance

A friend showed me a girl named Serene on Dcard (a social platform for Taiwanese college students), because she thought I would fall in love with this girl's personality. This sweet girl in elegant floral dress is currently in her sophomore year at Duke University. She's more than you think as a fashion and chic girl. Not only did she graduate from the best High school in Taiwan, also last summer she went to New York as a fashion Intern. (Not all of us would dare to do that at 19) One of the reasons she really inspired me is her vlogs. I can see how her hobby, classes, and assignments made her a master at time management, which I am really bad at. I have been so encouraged to be studying hard and planning out my schedule ever since watched her vlogs.

All photos are from Serene's posts on Dcard.

Harper's Bazaar Obsession

To be honest, although Vogue magazine has been praised and Anna Wintour or Anna Dello Russo is the best of the best editors, Vogue Taiwan is just nothing but a joke. (Sorry, but it's true *Trump face*) Harper's Bazaar Taiwan, in my opinion, is the BEST fashion magazine I've read. From the page layouts to products' photographs, Harper's Bazaar makes sure they present the highest quality to readers. They totally nailed it in magazine layout, making every page full of surprises, not to mention the contents. So if you're thinking of buying/ subscribing any fashion magazines, Harper's Bazaar is the one you don't need to hesitate. I promise

Voice With Soul: Diane Birch 

I remembered noticing Diane Birch 8 years ago in the fashion magazine when her first album "Speak A Little Louder" came out. I was obsessed with her style -- signature bangs, hat, and black leather boots, looking elegant outside but a rebel at heart. Originally my type of music is House and Soul, so it's easy to become obsessed with this album "Nous" (lyrics). She has the voice that sings directly to my soul and impresses me with the rhythm. I am so happy for her to go on the tour this year! "Nous" has been my background music when studying and working in March, click play and you'll see why. 

Garden Party

I have not "officially" introduced this floral coat, but I bought this coat at Beach Vintage in my vintage hunting trip. I love everything stripe or floral, so I couldn't resist when I saw this gorgeous piece. Amazed by the quality of the silk, seriously I cannot believe it's only $15! I am going to wear this a lot this spring. (Oh wait, there are literally only summer and winter in Taiwan.....)


Uggh! March has been really busy and overwhelming! Thank God I survived. Oh, and I have a big surprise coming next week! I worked so hard for this, so stay tuned