Sporty Romance: Bomber Jacket & Metallic Skirt

Bomber jacket made a huge 80's comeback last season. As the Renaissance style takes all over the catwalk, designers and fashionistas no longer wear bomber jackets with jeans and chunky heels. Instead, flowy dresses and high heels are the top choices in styling lists. 

For me, when it comes to fashion, the sporty style has never been one of my picks. You will never find jogging shoes, baseball hats, and sweat pants in my wardrobe. I love spicing things up by adding a blazer or heels, making the outfit look more put together. Last year, I bought this silky royal blue bomber jacket as casual everyday outwear, but today it's all about giving it a twist!

I always casually put on this bomber jacket to classes because the silk texture makes the whole outfit look so effortlessly yet stylish. However, it never gets to my head that I could style this up! And since it's the right time to bring out the girly side of me, I believed it'd even be cool to pair a metallic skirt along with the jacket. To elongate my legs, it's better to wear nude tone shoes so they won't cut your body into 3 parts visually. So I wore a pair of nude color tassel sandals on the bottom. Also, I cannot forget The Beatles band tee! The orange print "Help!" contracts the eye-catching royal blue. 

From Runways To The Streets

It would be uncool and just so normal if I fail to instruct you how to style bomber jacket in fancier ways. I want to show you how other people pull off bomber jacket too, so that you can be inspired as well! 

The texture of bomber jacket varies from pieces to pieces. But no matter, it's leather or silk, styling it with a charming skirt will not go wrong. Printed short pencil skirt or plain pajama style slip dress will give the look some spotlights. Lastly, put on a pair of comfortable, but fancy boots. You are going to catch every passenger's eyes. 

Everything is much more jaw-dropping on the runways. If you own a crazy printed skirt and a plain jacket (or the opposite), follow Saint Laurent to wear a shiny skirt with dark color jacket. The purpose is always to create the conflicting effect. As for bold girls who are down for bright colors, Gucci is here for you. Who said you cannot wear "metallic on metallic"?? Gucci used pale colors to tell you fashion has no limit. On moody days, all black outfit is here to stay. Working around with different textures like Etro and Coach, you can still be stylish in a single color. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and be inspired as well! The bomber jacket can be dressed up or dressed down, so don't afraid to have fun wearing them! All you need is be bold and stay chic ;)


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