So Here Is The Big Moment......

Remember in the previous posts I say there will be a big surprise coming?? HERE IT IS! 

Thanks to Alyssa from The Haute Brunette for making me one of the inspiring contributors in her blog! 

A few weeks ago I had an invitation from her to find out if I wanted to become one of The Haute Brunette content contributors. It was a big moment for me. As a fresh new blogger, I was so blessed to have this opportunity. Today, I woke up to my work posted on THB!

The post is all about the trending slogan tees, which designers are using them as the way to express themselves.  Messages for politicians, feminism slogans or simply sending out quirky messages, slogan T-shirts are exactly what fashionistas need. 

Hesitate no more! Click the bottom below to read about the modern alternative slogan tees. 



謝謝The Haute Brunette的Alyssa 邀請我成為她部落格上的寫手之一!

幾個禮拜前我收到來自她的信,想要邀請我在The Haute Brunette寫文章。這對於我這個剛成立不到兩個月的部落客來說,實在是得來不易的機會。而今天起床的時候就發現我的文章上線啦!!

這篇文章是關於這季流行的標語T,不同於我們在Forever 21或是H&M看到的奇怪句子,今年標語T被設計師還有時裝達人當作傳達訊息的媒介。政治相關、女性主義還有單純激勵人心的句子,這些都是本季的重點。