Kind Kai X The Haute Brunette|5 Dress Styles For Spring & Summer

My second post as a content contributor in The Haute Brunette is here!

I can't help but always want to post about it ha ha! Recently, I am dedicated to finding dresses that are perfect for me to wear to class. I can't stand one more day with the humid weather in Taipei, sweaty and could hardly breathe. Due to the urging needs I have felt lately, I thought it was the right time to rescue all of us with this post. Included 5 dresses outfit, each of them is suitable for specific occasions such as work place or school. Wait no more! Click the button to read the whole post ;)  

在The Haute Brunette當寫手的第二篇文章出爐了! 最近我逛街真的是用盡生命在找適合穿去上課的洋裝,台北的天氣已經悶熱到受不了了,在太陽下走路是窒息般的悶熱! 正因為有這困擾 (目前還沒找到,反而買更多意料之外的衣服哈哈),覺得這個時間點也適合寫這樣的文章拯救有同樣困擾的妳。透過5種不同風格的洋裝,每件都依場合、衣著風格打造,來告訴你如何駕馭各種洋裝! 所以不猶豫,按下按鈕,去Alyssa的部落格吧!